Laura is visionary, creative, and a tenaciously hard worker.  She is an excellent listener who seeks to understand her client’s motivations and dreams and somehow, someway, is able to bring them to digital life.



I learn your brand from the inside out and make your messaging approachable, honest and appealing to your client base

Social media marketing is one of my favorite ways to help my clients find and successfully use their voice online. Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I’ve worked with countless clients to expand their reach, attract their ideal customers and give them a “look” and a voice that makes them stand out from the competition.

With my two-year-old daughter in tow, I’ve also been known to make a few cameos in their social media feeds! One of my favorite stories was when I modeled a $10,000 wedding gown for a client. A customer drove all the way to her store from far, far away to buy the gown then and there! My explanation for this is that people like to see real people using real products and engaging with your brand, not just models and stock photo examples. I pride myself in getting hands-on, becoming a part of your team and learning your brand from the inside out. Through adding a personal flare, I make brands approachable, honest and appealing to their client base. Check out some of my work below.


Recipe for success foundation

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For several years, I worked with nationally renowned Recipe for Success Foundation to promote their “VegOut!” Challenge in which thousands of participants from all over the country were challenged to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days. The challenge was created to promote healthy eating one veggie at a time and bring awareness to the foundation, which raises money to combat childhood obesity and teach children how to nourish themselves on a budget. Through creative suggestions on how to incorporate veggies like Kohlrabi into your diet to funny anecdotes about what it’s really like to try to get a toddler to eat their veggies, we successfully ran both month-long and year-round campaigns that attracted countless new challengers and celebrity support. As you’ll see from the photos on the right, my daughter Selma got to make more than a few cameos, and as we competed in the challenge together, the stories of our victories and struggles made for great content on social media and it the VegOut! blog.

***Photos by Katherine Lenhart for Recipe for Success Foundation.


joan pillow bridal salon

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When it comes to bridal couture, there’s no where else to shop besides Joan Pillow Bridal. I think of Joan as the empress of bridal fashion, and in order to communicate her elegance and unrivaled taste for the latest in bridal gowns, we’ve cultivated a voice, imagery and a message that speaks to her 7,000+ followers. The first image on the left features a couture gown north of $10,000. Just hours after sharing the image on Instagram, a customer took an hour-long drive to Joan’s HTX store to purchase the gown. We’ve had no shortage of fun and continue to successfully share the latest in bridal couture on Joan Pillow’s social media feed, maintaining a consistence stream of bridal clientele and excitement around upcoming trunk shows and store events.



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Every once in a while, you get the opportunity to work with someone whose talent blows you away and truly touches your heart. This was the case with Barbara Hines, nationally-renowned artists whose work feature her interpretations of Judaism and her journey to discovering her own Judaism and growing Jewish traditions in her family. Through multiple campaigns, we successfully promoted several of Barbara’s art shows throughout the United States and overseas, and through an iPhone in portrait mode (!!!) we were able to bring images of her art to her enthusiastic followers who continue to share in the joy and awe of her work,

Social Media Packages

The Standard

I conduct all of my social media marketing work as though I’m one of your in-house employees. I’ll get to know your brand and product from the inside out, and every post will sound like it came from a true insider. Each package, including The Standard, includes this level of involvement that is undoubtedly my signature.

The Standard social media package includes:

  • Complimentary platform touch-up/makeover at start of contract

  • 1 Store Visit/Week

  • Regular phone/email check-ins to get updates on products, changes, promotions, etc.

  • Facebook + LinkedIn posts - 3-5 times/week

  • Instagram posts - 3-5 times/week

  • ”Likes” on all customer comments

Price: $1500/month

The Standard with a cherry on top

This package includes all of the above items, with the following cherries on top:

  • Prompt and detailed (as necessary) responses to all user comments on all platforms

  • Instagram/Facebook “stories” (both photo and video) and responses

  • 2-3 store visits/week (or as many as it takes to get enough footage for social media stories)

Price: $2000/month

The Sundae

This package includes all items listed above with the following extras:

  • Custom graphics for social media promotions (includes branding, font and color palette for all social media posts that require text as part of the image being shared.) Graphics are usually used about once per week.

Price: $2300/month

Photography add on: Professional Photography by Maritere Rice Photography is $500/session and can be completed one-time only, on an as-needed basis as store products change or on a regular basis. Professional photography can be added to any of the above packages.

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