It always starts very innocently: a friend of a friend of someone's cousin's aunt has a great idea for a new blog they want to start, and my friend - our connection - puts the two of us in touch. I'm juggling enough on my plate for at least nine people when that person asks if we can sit down for an hour so that he/she can "pick my brain."

Flustered, I've said yes countless times in the past. Why? Partly because I love what I do, and partly because saying "no" is hard. We've all been there. As this started happening more and more frequently, I realized that so much of the advice I was giving away for free - and for several hours each week - was actually my hottest commodity (are you taking notes? Because this is some of my best free advice...) 

After anywhere from 1-4 hours of sitting down with someone, he/she often had more than enough information to start down a blazing path to online business success. I now offer my brain for the picking at the rate of $100/hour to anyone who has a dream and is trying to figure out where to get started.